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Version 2.0 (Authors - Dunceantix, Gumpster)


We have a server plugin that will mean no teams or players will need the use of RCON for the matches during the tournament.

The plugin integrates with the tournament system and will automatically perform the following functions when the game server is started:

  • Set the name and flag of the home team
  • Set the name and flag of the away team
  • Start the server in warmup mode

Commands are as follows:

  • !epic - Help Menu with all features such as ready up, next map, knife round, pause and unpause functions are here.
  • !calladmin - Call an admin to your server if you need assistance. 
  • !knife - This command will prompt a knife round, there will be a vote for this to stop players from abusing during a match.
  • !ready - Mark yourself as ready and forces everyone else to choose an option of ready yes or no.
  • !unready - Mark yourself unready if you have changed your mind.
  • !pause - This will initiate a pause at the next available freeze time. The server will automatically unpause after 300 seconds but can be extended using !extend
  • !extend - Extend the pause timer if required.  
  • !unpause - This will prompt everyone to vote for an unpause, once all 10 players have agreed, server will unpause and match resumes.
  • !swapteams - This command will prompt players with a vote to swap teams. All 10 players have to agree.
  • !changelevel - If the map needs to be changed this command will allow you to do so.
  • !restorelastround- If you need to restore the server to last backup file. A vote is required before the server will restore the file.